Saturday, June 07, 2014

My new stuff i was doing...

I was drawing this one for my best friend...
Tryed to draw a selfie 
Then a family portrait
Trying watercolor
And i think i am saticfied with this one 
So i made some cards with watercolor and i really like them.
I had that recipe holder that my dad-in-law made for me and i decided to paint it and i just love it.
and this one was my actually the first lesson on watercolor
I painted a wooden cutting board with acrylics for my mom i think it turn out better than i expected

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've been busy creating new stuff

I havent updated my blog for awhile but not because i quit to do crafts but I was out for Russia for whole month. I loved russian craft. I got some for me and for me to paint. Got some nesting dolls to paint and wooden spoons. So excited to paint them!
So here  is one finished. 
I have one right now that i am working on and it is the best i've ever done. I will pot it later.
 Some drawings that i did recently
And i did some knitting too
Just love to being crafty!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

More Art

This one watercolors

Some of my last Art...

I think that this one is my best so far. I used different paper and different pancils from what i usuallu used before.
Ok. This is I tried colored pencils &... not my best but i tried .
Portrait with pencil.
I love this drawing of a Dolphin. I used mechanic pencil here and i really liked it.
Face of this girl not great but love the Dolphin.
Cutes pandas i've ever done. Charcoal pencils white and black.
Charcoal pencils again
Charcoal pencils
Charcoal pencils and i love this one.
Hawk face. Watercolor mix with pastel

Few handmade cards that i made for people...

Crochet Sets: Mittens & Scarf

Little purse for my sunglasses

Knitted and Crochet baby hats

My new knitted yellow sweater

Love to knitt for fun even if i dont wear it afterall.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Here my Paintings and Drawings I've been doing

                                                              Pastel and Water Colors